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Emerging from the year of revival 2021, the watchers of the industry expect a stimulating budget to empower this optimistic real estate of 2022 as the international fall followed by the pandemic reincarnated the perspective of homebuyers towards a sense of comfort, safety and endurance achieved from the possession of an encompassing abode. In the year of restoring pre Covid normalcy, the industry elites, along with young millennial property investors, expect government companionship to cater for the reinstating swing of the real estate industry for comprehensive wealth creation in the next phase of fund allotment and plug the gaps in demand and supply.

Highlights from the Union Budget of 2021

Amidst the ramification of the crumbling economic climate in our country, a fair range of real estate expectations remained discontented with declined housing sales in major metro markets compared to 2020. With an extended decline in a consecutive year, the sales are yet to match the pre-Covid timeline. Nevertheless, the Union Budget of 2021-2022 addressed the Atma Nirbhar Bharat philosophy revolving around the idea of fueling the startup ecosystem to ramp up a holistic self-sustainable economic atmosphere in the country.

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