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“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us,” mused Winston Churchill in 1943 while considering the repair of the bomb-ravaged House of Commons. This is very much true, and countless pieces of evidence were observed in history to back this claim.

If you see today’s residential market and all the innovative projects that are coming up, you will agree with this statement too. Marvelous projects like our Hiranandani Gardens in Powai, Hiranandani Estate and One Hiranandani Park in Thane, offer abodes and spaces that craft unique lifestyles for all its residents.

Community Living Above All

The right architecture planning starts right from the site selection stage. Picking the right plot for a new residential project generally decides how popular the project would be. When the plot for our first project, Hiranandani Gardens, was picked in Powai, the entire patch of land was barren and quarried one. But we had the vision to convert that land into a township with lush green gardens, wide tree-lined avenues along with numerous facilities and amenities to make it a self-sufficient township that helps the entire community to thrive and grow. The vision which got successfully accomplished.

A Combination of International Standards and Indian Traditions

Imagine living in a home that’s inspired by international standards. The lifestyle of people living in projects that have intricate details inspired by the global architecture is much unique compared to that of people living in a typically designed residential project. From designing the interiors to getting elements that match international standards, everything changes in people's lifestyles. That’s exactly what people living in our projects experience. All Hiranandani Projects are inspired by the neo-classical European architecture. The neo-classical architecture is adapted in Hiranandani buildings for vertical high rises that gives an unique identity to the buildings with a distinct look. The lobbies of buildings, common spaces and the amenities are all designed to give a premium living space to its residents and this in turn inspire the lifestyle and account for the aspirations of millions to have a Hiranandani home.

A Life Away From Repairs

The way a residential building is erected also dictates the number of repairs the residents will need in future. If a project is well planned and designed, residents have to undergo minimal repairs and also worry less about the structural integrity of their homes. A mind free from repair worries helps in leading an enjoyable and bigger life.

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